Telehealth Visits

Telehealth Visits in 3 Easy Steps

We offer telehealth as a complement to our traditional in-person dermatologic care for our established patients for certain conditions such as acne or accutane, rosacea, eczema, prescription refills, psoriasis patients taking biologics, and other similar medication management visits.

Call first to make a TeleVisit appointment , then follow these steps:

Step 1. Please take 2-3 clear photos of your skin concern in advance.

Take a close-up and a distance view. Have someone else take the photos – selfies are usually blurry. Be prepared to submit them directly from your device you are using for the video call when prompted by your doctor during your visit.

Step 2. Connect using a newer phone or computer with a solid high-speed internet connection.

Our system works on most mobile or computer type devices with a browser, camera, and audio/microphone capabilities. Good internet connection for the device is critical and newer devices seem to work better. Browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari can used on devices including Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chromebook, etc. No download or app is required. We have also found that the system works best if you reboot/restart your phone, tablet or computer device prior to your visit.

Step 3. Open link to your doctor’s virtual room prior to your appointment time.

15 minutes prior to your appointment time, enter the virtual room:

Check In for TeleVisit Now

Next Steps:

  • Select your doctor’s name from the list and press Enter Room
  • Enter your name and press Check In
  • Press Enable camera
  • (then Allow to Access Microphone and Camera)
  • Your doctor will appear online and you begin your appointment

We request patients to be available 30 minutes before and up to 30 minutes after the appointment time, given that prior appointments sometimes run over. Our staff will do their best to keep open the communication via the text and chat features for updates about the availability of your doctor to begin your visit. If you are unsure or concerned please call our reception team about the status or timing of your televisit.

As with all video streaming technology, the connection can fail. We find that the connection sometimes drops a few times then settles and works fine. If continued failure occurs, we will work with you to find another method to communicate.

After your TeleVisit , a member of our staff will contact you to schedule any follow-ups, assist with sending of prescriptions or other physician orders as necessary, collect any balance that you may owe, and assist with any other administrative questions that you may have.

Terms & Disclosures:

  • Our TeleVisits are billable visits. These are generally a covered service under most plans. If you are concerned about coverage or your benefits you may want to check with your insurance company. We will provide this service at reasonable fees if you are self-pay or telehealth is not covered under your plan; ask for details from our staff.
  • Your privacy and security are important to us, so we have invested in an encrypted point-to-point communication system that is compliant with federal HIPAA law. To maintain the highest level of privacy we strongly recommend you prepare for your appointment by carefully following these instructions so that all communication can be accomplished within the telehealth system, including any photo uploads. If you bypass this encrypted system by emailing or texting / SMS'ing / iMessaging our office photos or other health information, those communications may not provide you as high a level of privacy and security.
  • By utilizing our Telehealth Visits, patients are agreeing to our Telemedicine Terms of Service .